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The Orchard Garden

Located behind the Citadel of Akko on the northwest side of the city, atop the magnificent city walls, lies the Orchard Garden, a renovated 43,000-square foot fruit orchard and garden.

Laid out in a style reminiscent of the Ottoman-period of the late eighteenth century, the garden is the culmination of several years of planning.

The lush and peaceful setting welcomes visitors year-round and is ideal for a quiet afternoon picnic or outdoor event.

It features a 300-seat amphitheater and a variety of fountains, inviting visitors to rinse their hands in the cool water and enjoy the color and fragrance of the lush flora.

The garden is filled will fruit trees — notably beautiful are the pomegranate trees throughout the garden. Pomegranates are one of the seven fruits that grow naturally in the Holy Land. Some of the trees date back to the original establishment of the garden over two hundred years ago.

Visitors can also enjoy sitting in one of the wooden arbors filled with luscious grapes.

The Orchard Garden is a feast for the senses and makes a perfect escape from the hustle of the crowds, welcoming you into its private courtyard.

This beautiful garden is also available for private gatherings, parties and weddings. A place of quiet beauty and solitude in the Old City of Akko.