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All Aboard the Haifa-Akko Ferry

After decades of dreaming, a new ferry service connecting the ports of Haifa, Israel’s seaside capital of the north, and Akko, the historic “gateway to the Holy Land”, has become a popular tourism attraction.

The ferry line, launched in 2016 by the Israel Ministry of Tourism as an initiative to promote sightseeing in the northern cities of Israel, is the first such project of its kind. The ferry operates four days a week, morning and evening, with a fixed schedule.

Passengers can enjoy this scenic alternative to driving from Haifa to Akko in exchange for warm Mediterranean breezes, open views of the Carmel Mountains, downtown Haifa, the coastline, the colorful Akko fishing port and the Akko Marina. A one-way trip lasts approximately 45 minutes.

The ferry transports up to 200 people on two levels.

The port of Haifa with spectacular views of the city.

The historic port of Akko welcomes visitors with its ancient and oriental charm.

Passengers are also treated to music and an automated recording which tells the history of all the people who controlled the area, and their impact on the region – from the Romans and the Mamluks to the Crusaders and the British.

Future improvements to the ferry line include plans to offer passengers the option to purchase combined tickets which offer tours to sites in Akko and Haifa.